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DeVpn distribution started App Store

DeVpn distribution started on apple App Store.

Completely free VPN app DeVpn.

June 5, 2020 DeVpn, a free VPN application, has started distribution on the apple App Store.

Features of DeVpn, a free VPN app

  • Free
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • No sign up. No registration.
  • Don’t track logs. Do not hold logs.

DeVpn online status allows completely private internet access.

Click here to download on the App Store.

DeVpn 無料VPN
DeVpn Download From appStore

DeVpn that can use IP address of various countries.

We will gradually increase the number of servers from Japan and the United States.

DeVpn, a completely free VPN app that turns internet access from all over the world into a privacy net.

<Recommended for such people>

●Those who want to temporarily use Internet services or contents whose usage is restricted by IP address.

●Those who want to temporarily use the service in countries where SNS and video posting services are strictly regulated.

●Those who want to temporarily use services limited to that country (such as on-demand services).

●Those who want to avoid the effects of the access restrictions on the bulletin board.

●Those who want to securely access the Internet from networks (free Wi-Fi spots, etc.) that are concerned about security (wiretapping of communications).

Download the completely free VPN app DeVpn here.

DeVpn 無料VPN
DeVpn Download From appStore